3.12 - Efficient Frontier Custom Report Export


Efficient Frontier Optimization Results Simulate and Export

The Efficient Frontier Line and underlying data can be exported into an Excel template using the Export button.  The export feature and the template function similarly to PerTrac Publisher Templates.  Additionally, the Simulate button will launch the Portfolio Planning and Simulation Tool which will enable you to run probability analysis scenarios on your portfolios, breakpoints or interval points using annual positive and negative cash flow assumptions.




As stated earlier, the Export option allows you to export your portfolios, breakpoints or interval points into a template that displays pre-drawn charts and tables in an attractive Excel-based format.  These templates are fully customizable and can be used as templates for all of your exporting from the efficient frontier.  Once you have plotted your desired portfolio(s), click Export.  A new dialog window will appear prompting you to choose breakpoints, interval points or portfolio(s) to export. 


NOTE: The breakpoints are the red corner points on the efficient frontier line; the interval points are ten portfolios PerTrac creates equally spaced portfolios across the efficient frontier line from conservative to aggressive; the portfolios option will produce a report containing the portfolios the user has plotted either on or off of the efficient frontier line.


Once you have selected one of these three options you must click Locate to specify an export template.  PerTrac is pre-loaded with three custom templates and one blank custom template for this function.  At this time we have a template that compares two portfolios, three portfolios and one to ten portfolios.  All of these templates are located within your PerTrac\Custom Reports subdirectory and start with the Custom Efficient Frontier prefix. You may also select the MasterEfficientFrontierReport.xls file and create your own custom template.  For more detailed information on how to customize PerTrac Templates, see the section on PerTrac Publisher.  An example of the one to ten portfolios template is shown to the right of this text.